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Kingdom-Minded and Gospel-Motivated

Do you ever feel a little lost on how to live a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle... that you actually enjoy and want to stick to? Diet, exercise regimen, conquering habits, and implementing a positive, personal plan can be overwhelming and confusing. We get it because we've been there.

We want to clear the fog and partner with you in creating a lifestyle program that honors YOU as an individual and provides encouraging and motivating education and support.

Our team is educated and trained to work in tandem with your other health care providers in order to give you a comprehensive plan of implementing individual best practices. Online and in person service options available.

Meet the Team

How It Works

First, you will fill out our CONNECTION FORM. We will then reach out to you within 48 hours with our service pricing sheet and to schedule a consult if you are interested in moving forward.

Your initial consult will take place online, via zoom with TLF owner, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Health Coach, Anna Wallander. Here you will dive into what you're looking for guidance in, share information about your past and current health and overall lifestyle, learn how the team can be of service to you on your journey, and go over baseline nutrition and lifestyle tips to get you started.

Together you and Anna will decide on a health coaching prescription that best suits your time available, desired support, and budget. In this session Anna wants to learn as much as she can about YOU to then put a personalized plan together with Registered Dietitian, Stephanie, for how they will coach you in progressing through your goals and lifestyle changes.

Initial consults are scheduled for 60 minutes.

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Reach out to us through our contact page and we will send you our servce pricing list. 10% of all proceeds goes back to supporting other Christian missions; Christian Family Solutions in the area of mental health.

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